Has the gentle reader noticed a tailing away of posts here in the recent past? I have, and it has a very simple explanation. The end of a contract, the end – at least on paper – of a project, is not the best driver of motivation.

It is a curious state in which to find oneself in the context of a fellowship programme in which so much is made of developing career perspectives. That is exactly why the project blog is, I believe, the right place to talk about it.

In whose interest is it that quite substantial amounts of money are being poured into fixed-term peripatetic posts by funding bodies – rather than into positions that offer long-term perspectives and a true opportunity to produce sustainable creative thinking and generation of knowledge? The question is in part a rhetorical one … but not completely.



Does anyone want to hazard a guess as to the likelihood of postdoctoral positions leading to a tenure-track job?



It goes without saying (should it?) that I’ll do my very best to make the remaining few months a success: the Berlin conference, and the final article on the uneasy relationship between narrative coherence and literary historiographies of the Baltic. As for how much time and energy on top of that goes into the blog rather than what happens in September – well, we’ll see.