© Björn Wylezich. It seemed fitting that I began the journey to Odense and the current fellowship on this particular plane: it was a regular on the Cologne/Bonn run during my previous one.

The panelled walls, the way left, straight, and sharp left out the sliding doors: it was all unremarkably familiar. But in fact, I realized, it had been quite a while since I last passed through that particular airport. A stream of recollections followed: years, emotions from one extreme to the other, where I had been coming from, where I had been going…

This sensation of collapsing time, an acute awareness of a past attached to a certain place that has been left, but not, is a familiar one after so long being in transit in some sense of the word. Something similar happens when I’m back in cities such as Bonn, Freiburg, or Oxford. It has also been known to happen on particular aircraft: scary stuff. Scarier still is that it is happening already in the centre of Odense, which I haven’t even left – yet. I guess the mind has simply had enough of pretending to itself that it has found a home.  

Perhaps this personal resonance is one reason why I’ve become so interested in the relationship between space and selfhood in my research – I want to understand and articular better how spaces shape and are shaped by the ways people think, feel, move in them (there’s a taster here). But I can’t help wondering whether that is not also just another attempt to rationalize something that is beginning to seem increasingly untenable, for more than anything else I felt, walking the short walk through the airport in Dresden, how weary I have become over the years.